Opening Day has come and gone.  3 hours of baseball saw 7 full innings played at Merlin Field home to the Worcester Sorcerers.  An overcast day kept the sun and rain at bay.  The day started with Worcester Mayor throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for the Sorcerers.

The game strarted great for both sides with Titans grabbing a couple of early runs which were equalled by the Sorcerers.  It took until the end of the 2nd for Titans to grab a small lead with 3 runs to Sorcerers 1.

The 3rd saw Sorcerers defense held back the Titans and their offense took advantage and brought home 2 runs to tie the game.  Titans dug in and grab another couple of runs but the Sorcerers worked their magic and took the lead with some aggressive base running, score at the end of the 4th 7-10.

Titans rallied their efforts and scored 3 runs in the 5th to level the game back up and only conceded 1 run leaving the game as close as it was at the start.  10-11 at the end of the 5th inning.

The sixth inning began with 2 quick outs with 1 on base.  Titans raised their game and pushed hard with 2 outs putting the ball in play and adding 7 to their score. The Sorcerers were duly held back with a 1-2-3 inning from Stuart Walton with no runs to answer the Titans rally.  Score at the end of the 6th 17-11.

The 7th was called as the last inning and the ball was in play.  Titans pushed another 4 runs in increasing their lead to 21 with only 1 run for the Sorcerers.  The game ended 21-12.

You can check out the game on Game Changer for more details and stats.

Rookies, Lee Roberts, Harry Leake, Jamie Perkins and Dale Perkins making their baseball debuts all performed exceptionally well.  Lee Roberts hitting a single to bring in Harry Leake in the 6th hitting 1.000. Jamie Perkins, Dale Perkins and Harry Leake both hitting .333. 

Well done Worcester Sorcerers for hosting the opening day game for West Midlands Baseball League.  Merlin Field is a magical place and a great baseball field.  

A huge thank you to all our players and scorer.  An even bigger thank you to the Umpire of the Day, Shaun Healy.  We all appreciate the time and effort of everyone who helps make game days possible and providing everything they do to give us a game to play.

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