What a season we've had.  A huge thank you to Friends of Hurst Green for allowing us to call Hurst Green our home.  Without you we would have been very difficult to play. We will be back in 2024.

We are very proud of our 2023 season and players.  Everyone has played a huge part on and off the field.  6 wins in 12 games. 3 home runs in one game.  Well done everyone.

The 21st Otcober has come and gone and that means our end of Season Awards. It was another tremendous turnout and exciting evening. Skid-a-quid was back and well received and contended. 

Here are the 2023 Stourbridge Baseball Award winners.

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Awards Winner
Infield Golden Glove (2B/3B/SS) Dale Halfpenny
Infield Golden Glove (P/C/1B) Mike Finnegan
Outfield Golden Glove Jason Hammond-Perkins
Silver Slugger Chris Hunton
Pitcher of the Year Stuart Walton
Most Valuable Player Stuart Walton


Awards Winner
Outstanding Newcomer Tom Nutting
Most Improved Player Dale Halfpenny
Natalie Parker
Club Person of the Year Chris Hunton