The 7th of October has come and gone and that means our end of Season Awards. We would like to express our thanks to a very special guest Gary Roberts.  Gary shared his stories from his time in the US and his years with GB.

It was another tremendous turnout and exciting evening. Drinks were flowing.  Food was consumed.  The evening began with Gary Roberts and our Chairman, Shaun Healy and then came the awards.

Here are the 2017 Stourbridge Baseball Award winners.

  • stuart_walton_titans_pitcher_2017.jpg
  • luke_millar_titans_mvp_2017.jpg
  • jake_landsborough_tomahawks_rookie_2017.jpg
  • adam_marusiak_tomahawks_infield_glove_2017.jpg
  • paul_insley_tomahawks_outfield_glove_2017.jpg
  • chris_hunton_tomahawks_clubman_2017.jpg
  • aaron_drew_titans_outfield_glove_2017.jpg
  • luke_borton_titans_silver_slugger_2017.jpg
  • chris_hunton_tomahawks_mvp_2017.jpg
  • piotr_maculewicz_under_16_2017.jpg
  • luke_borton_titans_infield_glove_2017.jpg
  • karl_ensor_tomahawks_pitcher_2017.jpg
  • chris_hunton_tomahawks_silver_slugger_2017.jpg

Awards Winner
Infield Golden Glove Luke Borton
Outfield Golden Glove Aaron Drew 
Silver Slugger Luke Borton 
Pitcher of the Year Stuart Walton 
Most Valuable Player Luke Millar 


Awards Winner
Infield Golden Glove Adam Marusiak
Outfield Golden Glove Paul Insley 
Silver Slugger Chris Hunton 
Pitcher of the Year Karl Ensor 
Most Valuable Player Chris Hunton 


Awards Winner
Rookie of the Year Jake Landsborough
Most Improved Player Aaron Drew 
Club Person of the Year Chris Hunton 
Under 16 Player of the Year Piotr Maculewicz


Chairmans Award

Trent Nash

Trent has won this award for outstanding pitcher.  A 5 inning no hitter right at the close of the Season.

Well done Trent.  congratulations.