Our second training session proved another great success. Thanks to Luke Millar, our head coach for the workout. The worked flow was well organised and structure with only enough time for a quick breather and a few drinks to keep hydrated.

Part 1 - Outdoors

Lukes tried and tested warm up was well underway shortly after 10:30am. Shuttle runs completed. Ball drills handled and fielding throws managed. Last but not least, "steps".

Part 2 - Indoors

More indoor work with catch work with a great game of baseball football. Well done Cap team.

Rules of the Game

  1. ball may not go above knee high.
  2. ball may not be thrown over arm
  3. player may not slide to prevent a pass or shot being made
  4. any form of a fumble from the offensive side of the ball is an indirect free kick to the opposing team
  5. opposing players may not come within 5feet of the offensive player with the ball
  6. shooting must be outside the beige line and must bounce before the goal line
  7. all free kicks are indirect
  8. what the ref says goes not arguing, this is BASEBALL SOCCER not soccer
  9. have fun people

Great to see and meet new people and a couple from Titan Juniors.

If you are interested in joining us for some training we would really like to hear from you.