Our third game in the West Midlands Baseball League was to be our second at home against the Worcester Sorcerers. A close repeat of the opening day thriller.

The weather was great, the field was ready.  The game was on.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
WRCS 3 4 3 1 1 0 0 X X 12 12 2
STRB 6 3 0 1 0 2 1 X X 13 18 3


Titans took the win against the strong magic of the Sorcerers.  The game ebbed and flowed with Titans taking a steady lead in the first.  Titans pace slowed with Worcester taking the 2nd inning but still trailed 7-9.  The third was underway and the Sorcerers magic was back scoring 3 runs and holding the Titans back and taking the lead 10-9. Worcester Sorcerers pitcher, Scott Butler, continued to improve throughout the game as Jason Horner took the mound at the top of the forth. Spoils were shared with one run each, the Sorcerers had retained that magically one run lead.

The fifth and Worcester added another run to their tally extending their lead from the Titans.

The end of the game was closing in fast.  Titans stepped up and held the Sorcerers back in a scoreless top of the 6th.  2 runs down with everything to do to take the game back the Titans saw N Allsop and H Leake cross the plate to take the inning and tie the game. 12-12.

Last inning was called.  Game tied.  Everything to play for.

Top of the 7th had the Sorcerers closed down with another scoreless inning despite their valiant efforts at the plate. Titans were up, top of the order, Stu Walton, Paul Insley and C Hunton.

Stu Walton walked and stole 2nd. With P Insley at the plate. The count 1-1.  Swinging at the third pitch with a hard ground ball to shortstop.  Stu Walton holding his ground waiting for the throw to 1st.  A quick change of play for the Sorcerers and they take the first out at 2nd snatching the lead runner from the bases. P Insley making it to first.

C Hunton at the plate.  Pressure rising on both sides.  P Inlsey advances to 2nd on a career 1st balk by S Butler. Count 2-2. Another hard hit ground ball to shortstop but P Insley manages to get to third with C Hunton at first.

A Mursiak at the plate given an intentional walk.  Bases loaded.  Great decision from Worcester to negate the clean up hitter.

With 2 outs to go, bases loaded, N Allsop to the batters box. A solid hit or walk would bring the winning run home. Pitch count quickly hit 2-0 as S Butler fought back to 2-1.  Another great pitch and it's 2-2. Titans looking hungry to bring in P Insley from third.  The 5th pitch, a ball, full count. Tense moments.  The final pitch and S Butler nailed a strike pitch only to be met with the bat of N Allsop with a line drive to center.  P Insley scores.  Game over 12-13 Titans.

Another great game of Baseball.  Lots to take away from the experience.  Worcester continue to gain strength and depth with the Titans pushing their rookies hard.  Big thank you to L Millar for umpiring and D Danks for scoring.  L Roberts stars in his second game hitting 1.000.

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