Stuart Walton

#17 - P 2B

Home Town:Coseley, West Midlands
Started Playing From:2011
Active From:2011
Position:P 2B
MLB Favourite Team:Philadelphia Phillies
MLB Favourite Player:Derek Jeter
Favourite Baseball Movie:Major League
Favourite Baseball Book:The 34-Ton Bat

What do you eat during doubleheaders?

Sushi, sandwiches, and jelly babies.

How did you get interested in Baseball?

Started watching it in the late 90s when it was on Channel 5. Was lucky enough to get the chance to start playing with the Titans when the club was founded in 2011 having played cricket for twenty years.

Why should people join the Titans?

We're a really welcoming group of people who have a great time at every training session, game, or social event. More and more people should try baseball!

What advice would you give to a new player?

Listen to your coaches, be patient with yourself, and watch as much baseball as you can!