Karl Ensor

#19 - P 1B OF

Home Town:Birmingham
Started Playing From:2011
Active From:2014
Position:P 1B OF
MLB Favourite Team:Chicago White Sox
MLB Favourite Player:
Favourite Baseball Movie:
Favourite Baseball Book:

What do you eat during doubleheaders?

Varies between Sandwiches, Pasta, Rice, Nuts, Cereal Bars

How did you get interested in Baseball?

There was a Baseball Exhibition in Birmingham City Centre around 94-95, found a junior team played for 3 years.

Why should people join the Titans?

The team has such a great bond and welcomes all that come to watch and or play.

What advice would you give to a new player?

Be patient, there's a lot of adjustment when taking on the sport new or transitioning. Some people will pick up certain things quicker than others.