Joshua Wood

P 2B

Home Town:Cradley Heath
Started Playing From:2016
Active From:2016
Position:P 2B
MLB Favourite Team:Boston Red Sox
MLB Favourite Player:David Ortiz
Favourite Baseball Movie:
Favourite Baseball Book:

What do you eat during doubleheaders?

Butchers Scotch Egg

How did you get interested in Baseball?

My PE teacher did baseball all in PE and I really got an interest to it, so we did a baseball club after school. I started at 13 in Little League and moved on to the Tomahawks.

Why should people join the Titans?

Because they are a very hard working developing club with the Tomahawks development team for beginners where they will get to see and learn what the game is all about

What advice would you give to a new player?

Keep trying, never give up. If you give up what was the point in trying. You should always finish what you have started. If you can throw and if you can catch. You can put on that jersey, go onto the field and play baseball