Chris Hunton

#4 - C LF CF

Home Town:Barnsley, Sth Yorks
Started Playing From:1997
Active From:2016
Position:C LF CF
MLB Favourite Team:Cardinals
MLB Favourite Player:Yadier Molina
Favourite Baseball Movie:42
Favourite Baseball Book:

What do you eat during doubleheaders?

Ham and Mustard sandwiches or Cheese and Pickle. Picallilly goes down well too.

How did you get interested in Baseball?

A work colleague mentioned a friend played and they were always on the look out for more players. I popped across on a training night and gave it a go. I was pretty much hooked from the get go. It took a while to get use to it but it was worth it. I've had three stints at baseball since I first starting playing. 2 with my home town team The Barnsley Strikers and currently with the Titans. I stopped during '99 through until '01 as I'd moved away. I stopped again in 2005 having moved away again. I've started playing again (2016) to get a little bit of fitness and take a few amateur sports shots.

Why should people join the Titans?

They are the best... bar none!

What advice would you give to a new player?

Just give it a go and enjoy it. I don't believe there is anything in the game not to like.