The field has been taken down.  The weeds temporarily despatched.  The highs are fading to the lows of the off season! Hurry up 2018! Oh WAIT! Bring on our 2017 Awards

The 2017 season has drawn to a close.  The play-offs have been played and the triumphant few have been found.  Whilst some of our games may not have yielded the results we would have hoped for either our Titans or Tomahawks, the year has certainly shown more positives than we could have imagined.

Pitching pressure

The Titans. They started it all and has it grown. Without them there would be no Stourbridge Baseball. Kudos and cap doff to you all. Whilst the play-offs remained possible it wasn't to be. They held fast and true and battle on. It was never going to be easy when offering a commitment of a second team but everyone has stepped up and batted on.

The Tomahawks. Born from the enthusiasm of new and existing players they have risen to the challenge of playing in the Single A Central Division.  With first timers and veterans, teenage rookies to oldies. The side has shown great character and love for the game and enjoyed every minute. Their inaugural year gave them 4 wins. A great result.

Cornhole 2017

The field. Kept in great shape by us all.  A labour of love but a meaningful necessity.  The diamond saw twice as much use and abuse and provided the season with some great plays and memorable moments. The BBQ hosting Taunton Musketeers.  The Fathers Day gathering.  End of season soiree with Cornhole aplenty.

Stourbridge Baseball Team Shot
Getting ready for the close up!