Our forurth game in the West Midlands Baseball League was to be a rearranged venue swap.  Titans expecting to play away had to pull out the stops to get the field ready against the visiting Wolverhampton Wolves.

The weather was grey and overcast with some light showers before and heavier rain during the game. 

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
WLVR 2 0 1 2 0 X X X X 5 9 3
STRB 3 7 2 2 6 X X X X 20 15 1


There had been some light showers before the game but spirits were high in both camps and the game was on.  Titans started strong with 2 quick outs on 4 strike pitches. Wolves hit back with Luke Weales reaching 1B on a grounder through the infield.  Ashley Jones crushing a line drive double to LF. Piotr Maculewicz hitting hard up the middle bringing 2 runs.

Titans pitching performance in the 1st inning held the Wolves back to 2 runs off 14 pitches (11 strikes, 2 SO).  Titans had the chance to pressure the Wolves defense but came up short with 2 early outs.  Stu Walton and Paul Insley both going down with infield hits. Titans buckled up and pushed on a 2 out rally seeing the next three batters reaching bases and coming home to score.

The second started well with Cory Millard reaching 2B on a left field hit and managing to steal third.  The next 2 batters struck out with Stu Walton continuing to apply pressure through the strike zone. The last out falling to a pop out on the infield.  Cory Millard left stranded on third with no runs scored.

Bottom of the 2nd and our 9th hitter, Kyle Greenfield was up.  His rookie debut for the club and the game with all eyes watching.  He quickly knuckled in to the batters box watching the first pitch go through the zone for a strike.  Undeterred Kyle fouled off the next 2 pitchers and watched the following pitch fizz outside the zone. Cory Millard pressed the zone with a follow up strike which was deftly fouled off.  Kyle showing patience and tenacity fighting a pitchers count at 1-2 saw pitch 6 as a ball.  Count now at 2-2, pitch 7 and a swing and hit reaching first on a left field hit. Stu Walton reaching first on an error from SS J Orpe with Kyle Greenfield advancing to 3rd after stealing 2nd on a passed ball.  P Insley recorded as the Titans first out helped Stu Walton move up to 2B. Neil Allsop at the plate pop outs to J Orpe at SS for the titans 2nd out.  After a strong start it was looking bleak for the Titans to score any runs this inning. Luck was on the Titans side with the next two batters both walking bringing in Kyle Greenfield and put Stu Walton on 3rd. Aaron Drew at the plate watches ball 1.  Stu Walton takes the lead off at third and spots an opening, pressing hard slides in safely at home with Adam Marusiak and Kev Wilson both moving up. The 2 out rally continued as the Titans rack up 7 advancing their lead to 8 runs batting around to Paul Insley.

Top of the 3rd and the Wolves 2nd batter lead off with a double deep into left field.  The next 2 batters fell leaving Piotr Maculewicz at the plate looking to increase his RBIs.  Piotr producing a solid line drive hit to left field bringing in Al Edgington.  The Wolves fall at the next batter with only one run scored.

Bottom of the 3rd and the titans produced another 2 runs.  Taking the inning and extending further 3-12 the score.

4th inning saw a much tougher battle between all players the Wolves and Titans both bringing in 2 runs keeping the score difference the same.

Top of the 5th saw the Wovles fall in order and the Titans were quick up to bat.

Titans took the game by mercy rule at the end of the 5th score 5-20.

Whilst the weather may have caused a small rain delay it never dampened the spirits of the players and the score doesn't do the game justice to the enthusiasm shown on the field by both teams.

Outstanding appearances from our rookies, Harry Leake debuting at SS, Kyle Greenfield and Jamie Thompson both in their first game.

You can check out the game on Game Changer for more details and stats.

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