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  • on 06-Mar-2017 Manic March

    March. The "Mad Month". You just cannot give it another name. The weather stepped up and washed out our outdoor plans. As always, we prepare for the worst. Shaun Healy stepped up to the plate and gave us all something to get our baseball heads into. Scoring! A challenge accepted by all. Time flew and it wasn't long before we were in the sports hall. Warm ups and stretches done. Glove and ball ready.

    Outdoors saw our first batting practice.

  • on 28-Feb-2017 Fantastic February

    Fantastic Februaury is over and the cob webs are wiped clean. Training has been underway since mid January and attendance and commitment has been excellent. Our Head and Assistant Coaches have been outstanding. Keeping things fresh and varied each week. Fitness has improved. Sharpness has increased. Games faces ready! Everyone is having fun and looking forward to the next session.

    Leaving February behind means another step closer to playing baseball. Manic March is just around the corner. The field will be set, the clocks "spring" forward.

  • on 21-Feb-2017 MLB Spring Training

    Are you ready for MLB Spring Training?

  • on 19-Feb-2017 Sunday! What a day to be in the great outdoors

    A glorious warm but overcast day. Just enough warmth to make it pleasant.

  • on 06-Feb-2017 Strength to Strength

    Titans continue to go from Strength to Strength with more diverse training

  • on 31-Jan-2017 Free February 2017

    Try baseball for FREE with us every Sunday from 10:30am to 1pm throughout February.

  • on 23-Jan-2017 Baseball Soccer Rules

    Rules of the Game

    You can play with indoors with approx 7 players per side.

  • on 22-Jan-2017 Sunday Training

    Our second training session proved another great success. Thanks to Luke Millar, our head coach for the workout. The worked flow was well organised and structure with only enough time for a quick breather and a few drinks to keep hydrated.

    Part 1 - Outdoors

    Lukes tried and tested warm up was well underway shortly after 10:30am. Shuttle runs completed. Ball drills handled and fielding throws managed. Last but not least, "steps".

    Part 2 - Indoors

    More indoor work with catch work with a great game of baseball football. Well done Cap team.

  • on 15-Jan-2017 First Day of Training 2017

    It was tough and gruelling but it was worth the pain we all suffer. The perfect kickstart to a new season. The New Year is underway and cobwebs are well and truly swept away.

    Part 1 - Outdoors

    Head coach, Luke Millar put everyone through their paces. Starting off with a steady warm up jog then sprint. Followed by a full body stretch and then shuttle runs. With a small breather we were onto follow the ball drills, finishing off with "steps". It was touch and go but everyone came through.

    Part 2 - Indoors

    After the fitness training came the warmth of the inside with catch and throw and T practice swings.

  • on 01-Jan-2017 Happy New Year 2017

    We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2017 and hope everyone has enjoyed there Christmas festivities far and wide.

    With the new year upon us we are aiming high and setting our goals for the new season.  Our AGM is in the planning and training looks to be scheduled to start on the 8th January.

    If you feel like taking up a new sporting challenge and would love to start learning the basics then get in touch.

Showing 31 to 40 of 45 News items
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