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  • on 09-Apr-2018 Spring Training has begun

    April is under way.  Easter is long gone.  That only means one thing.  Spring Training.  Thank you to Leicester Blue Sox for hosting two great games of baseball.  Both teams showed up and put out two great sides.  Whilst the Great British weather took a small part in the day, spirits remained high.  The banter bus was parked and the innings came thick and fast.

    It was great to see smiling faces.  Hear the jokes and chuckles.  Leicester, rebuilding from winter loses, showed great character in pushing their crew in preparation for a hard season ahead.  We, however, forged ahead after a slow start putting runs on

  • on 14-Mar-2018 2018 Schedule is out

    The season is getting closer.  The light nights are coming.  The field is firming up and players are itching to get outdoors.

    We've put all our fixture dates in one place.  Why not see if you can put a side a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and join us for some baseball. 

    There are currently 5 dates to avoid.  13th and 27th May, 17th and 24th July and 29th July.  All other Sundays will see our field host 2 games of Baseball, first pitching at 12pm.

    Whilst the 27th May is the only date neither team is at home and the other dates are desginated as off days due to

  • on 14-Mar-2018 2017 Schedule

    2017 Schedule

  • on 09-Feb-2018 Pre-Season 2018

    We have started our pre-season training with a bump.  It may be cold out side but it's nice and warm inside.  We are all gearing up to what is going to be an awesome season.

    Some members have also taken the challenge to up their game.  Not content with outdoor training drills, some have opted for working out in the gym and loosening up with Yoga classes (yes, they know who they are!).

    Our hats are doffed to all our members for training hard and getting in shape.  Christmas is a distance memory and the left over turkey is no more.

  • on 09-Oct-2017 Awards 2017

    The 7th of October has come and gone and that means our end of Season Awards. We would like to express our thanks to a very special guest Gary Roberts.  Gary shared his stories from his time in the US and his years with GB.

    It was another tremendous turnout and exciting evening. Drinks were flowing.  Food was consumed.  The evening began with Gary Roberts and our Chairman, Shaun Healy and then came the awards.

    Here are the 2017 Stourbridge Baseball Award winners.

    Awards Winner
    Infield Golden Glove Luke Borton
    Outfield Golden Glove Aaron Drew 
    Silver Slugger Luke Borton 
    Pitcher of the Year Stuart Walton 
    Most Valuable Player Luke Millar 

  • on 02-Oct-2017 MLB Post Season 2017

    MLB Regular season over. Get ready for the Post Season

  • on 02-Oct-2017 Awards are coming!

    Awards are coming!

  • on 21-Sep-2017 to the end of 2017 season and beyond

    The field has been taken down.  The weeds temporarily despatched.  The highs are fading to the lows of the off season! Hurry up 2018! Oh WAIT! Bring on our 2017 Awards

    The 2017 season has drawn to a close.  The play-offs have been played and the triumphant few have been found.

  • on 09-Aug-2017 "It's not rounders!" no more!

    It is with sadness that we have recently learned that "It's Not Rounders!" will ceased from the end of the 2017 season.

    We would like to offer our thanks to Stuart Walton for taking the time and producing his baseball podcast over the last two years.  Every episode is a gem and shows his dedication to the sport.  They can still be found on the internet.

  • on 08-May-2017 Titans and Tomahawks take the weekend games 3-4

    2nd week into the season see the Titans hosting Leicester Blue Sox at Home whilst Tomahawks travel to Leicester to play East Midlands Wolfpack.

    The weather was looking good and the roster strong.  The roster was picked and players were off early Sunday.

    Home field prepped and ready.  Wheels on the road were turning.

    Titans competed strongly taking 2 great wins.  The Tomahawks battled both games with a deserving win in Game 1 but an unsuccessful strong rally in the final innings of the second game give them the win.

    Why no photos? You may ask.  With so much to do there was little time to fit in even a cheeky pic.

Showing 11 to 20 of 45 News items
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